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We open to see Thaddeus J. Plotz pacing back and forth, thinking of new and exciting movies, shows and the like. Suddenly, he hears a knock on the door.

PLOTZ- Now, who could that possibly be, and at this hour?

He heads over to the door and opens it to see it was nothing. He looks to the left, then to the right, and shrugs. Finally, he retreats to his office and bumps into...


Plotz screams and rockets into the air. When he looks down, he sees none other than the Warner Siblings. Yakko is busy on the phone, Wakko is bouncing off of the walls (literally,) and Dot is reading a magazine, which is actually the script to Batman 5, Return of the Joker.

DOT- Ewwww!  And I though Batman and Robin was a bad film!

Dot throws the script in an industrial size shredder, and decimates it.

PLOTZ- NOOOO!  My script!
YAKKO- So, anyway, I want five pepperoni, five cheese, five double cheese, five mushroom and, oh hold on.

Yakko looks up at Plotz, who is currently on the lamp on top of the ceiling, trying to salvage the destroyed script.

YAKKO- Hey, Plotz!  What do you want on your pizza?
PLOTZ (Steadily getting madder)- I don't want any!  Now get off my phone!

Yakko scoffs and turns back to the phone.

YAKKO- Yeah, that'll be all. Do I want cheesy breadsticks? Sure!  How much?  Okay!  See you in thirty minutes!  Great news sibs!  Our dinner problems are solved!  And it only cost us...

Yakko then uses Wakko as a ticker machine, and pulls his arm, cranking out a paper.

YAKKO- $259.70!  That doesn't include the tip.
WAKKO- Hey, do we have that kind of money?

Yakko pulls his pants pockets, to reveal moths. Wakko takes off his cap, and shakes it, revealing a few dustballs, and Dot pulls out her coinpurse, and opens it, revealing a single quarter.

DOT- I don't think that's enough.

Then, the three looked at Plotz, and smiled.

YAKKO- Hey, Plotz, when the pizza gets here, can you help us? Just pay the man, and we'll pay you back as soon as we can. Promise!

Plotz found some relief, I mean, how much could the Warners eat?

PLOTZ- Uh, sure!  Just give me the total!
YAKKO- Thanks, pal!  You won't live to regret it!

Leaving the bill on the table, the three bolted back to the tower. Plotz climbed down and picked up the bill.

PLOTZ- Well, now, lets see what we...GAHHH!

At the sight of the number, Plotz blew his top!  There was no way the Warners could pay this much back!


His scream shakes the entire lot, and Otto Scratchansniff shows up, out of breath.

SCRATCHY- Ja, Mr. Plotz?
PLOTZ (Foaming at the mouth)- Those Warners are starting to get on my nerves!  I can't take it anymore!   Those three are so crazy, so demented, that my blood pressure's already higher than normal!   
SCRATCHY- Vell, vat do you vant me to do? I've tried to de-zanitize zem in every vay possible  It's like trying to counsel a rock!

Suddenly, Plotz gets an idea.

PLOTZ- Hmmm, yes, and only a rock can break a rock. THAT'S IT!  Scratchansniff, you're an absolute genius!
SCRATCHY- Vell, yes I, vait, rock breaks rock? Waddaya mean?
PLOTZ- Isn't it obvious? In order to stop a crazy, you must send a crazy. In other words....

Scratchansniff finally realizes the plan.

SCRATCHY- Oh, no!  You don't mean
PLOTZ (Smiling evilly)- It's time we gave the Warners a taste of their own medicine!  We need to create the ultimate Warner!

The door knocks.

VOICE- Pizza delivery!

Plotz then looks around and then slumps over.

PLOTZ- Otto, can you help me with this bill?
SCRATCHY (Upon seeing the bill)- GAH!  I need to call ze bank.


The night is stormy, and Plotz and Scratchansniff are near an animator, who is busy making the "ultimate Warner" for Plotz's scheme.

PLOTZ- Hurry it up!  I'm not paying you to just sit there!
ANIMATOR- Come on boss, I've been working day and night  Can't I take a break?
PLOTZ- NO!  Now keep drawing.

Plotz looks up at the water tower.

PLOTZ- Sleep tight, Warners, for tomorrow, your rude awakening begins!

Plotz is now laughing maniacally. Scratchansniff holds up a sign saying, "This won't end well" as the animator finishes the inking.

ANIMATOR- There. I'm finished.

The paper on the desk begins to glow, and the whole of Termite Terrace is enveloped. Then, the light dims, and the three are standing in front of a shadowy toon. Plotz now has an ear to ear grin.


Lightning strikes the sky, revealing two twinkling toon eyes. The eyes of the ultimate Warner.


The Warners are all asleep on their trademark triple decker bunk beds, when a knocking is heard. The three Warners spring out of bed.

ALL THREE- I'll get it!

The three enter into one of their famous fights over the door, and eventually, Yakko is victorious.

YAKKO- Hellooooo, Nurse!  May I help you?
PLOTZ- Oh, Hi Yakko!
YAKKO- Oh, Plotsy!  Sorry about leavin' ya with the bill, but hey, a toon's gotta eat!
PLOTZ (Turns red for a moment)- No problem, my boy!  Hey, ya wanna know a secret?
YAKKO- What? Hello Nurse really loves me?
PLOTZ- Even better!  I got you guys a present!

Then, Plotz turns and reveals a large box, all wrapped in a bow, and with a card saying "to Warners, love Plotz."

YAKKO- Aww. And, we didn't get you anything.
PLOTZ- No thanks are necessary, Yakko. Just enjoy your gift!

Plotz bolts out of the tower, and back to his office.

PLOTZ- Now we just sit back and watch the fireworks!


Yakko, Wakko and Dot are looking over the present.

YAKKO- What is it?
WAKKO- Maybe it's a whole bunch of new props!
DOT- You're wrong, it's a life size statue of (swoons) Mel Gibson!

Yakko looks at the camera, deadpan.

YAKKO- Heh, heh. Courtesy laugh. Okay, then, let's open it up!

Yakko pulls the bow on the box, opening it, revealing....

???- Hi!
YAKKO- Wow  It's better than new props or a statue  It's....a new sibling!

The new Warner is about as tall as Yakko, but off by a bit, with significant muscle on his slim toon frame, with his ears in a rat tail, wearing a muscle shirt and blue shorts.

YAKKO- Hey, new sib!  I'm Yakko!
WAKKO- I'm Wakko!
DOT- And I'm Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca, III. But you can call me Dot. Call me Dottie and ya die.
YAKKO- So, what's your name?

The new Warner holds his chin in thought, then in a flash, he vanishes and reappears next to Yakko, leaving the others dumbfounded.

WARNER- Ya know, the animators never gave me one.

Yakko then has an idea of what to call him.

YAKKO- Well, I know just what your name should be!

Yakko is dressed as a king, and he pulls a rubber chicken.

YAKKO- Kneel, esteemed sibling.

The new Warner does as he is told, bowing his head.

YAKKO- By the kingdom of Warner, in the name of the great creator, Spielberg, I give you a name that is appropriate to your abilities, namely that cool blinking ability.
WARNER- It's something I do.
YAKKO- Henceforth, I hereby give thee the title, Blinko Warner!

Yakko taps Blinko's shoulders with the chicken, like a king does to a knight.

BLINKO- Thank you, my lord.
DOT- So, now that you're an official Warner, what do you wanna do?

Blinko thinks awhile, and comes to a realization.

BLINKO- Why not do what we always do, cause major havoc, calamity and random awkward moments?
WAKKO- Sounds good to me.


The calamity starts when Ralph the guard is chasing the four Warners around the lot, carrying a net, as always.

RALPH- Duuuuh, youse guys is as good as caught!
BLINKO- Oh really? Well, can I say something?

Ralph scratched his chin.

RALPH- Duh, what?
BLINKO- I wouldn't stand there if I were you.

Ralph gets mad.

RALPH- Duuuh, I stands were I wanna!

Ralph walks over to a large grey tablet on the ground.

BLINKO- Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Pulling a lever which seemed to appear out of nowhere, the tablet opens, and Ralph hovers over the pit that the tablet covered, then holds a sign saying, "Yipe!" And falls.

BLINKO- Guardman fall down....

A large thunk is heard.

BLINKO- and go boom!
YAKKO- Wow  How did ya do that?
BLINKO- Well, it's really easy. An old gag, actually. All you do is position your adversary on the door, and pull a lever, like SO!

Blinko pulls a second lever, opening a trap door beneath Yakko. Yakko looks down, and holds a sign saying, "Yipe Again!" and falls, resulting in a thud.

DOT- Yakko! Are you all right ?
YAKKO (Pained)- I'm fine..... my body broke my fall.

Dot glares at Blinko.

DOT- How could you, Blinko!  He's your own ink and paint!
BLINKO- Well, I never meant to hurt him!
WAKKO- Don't worry, Bro!  We'll get ya out!

Blinko grabs the two siblings and bolts off!

BLINKO- Come on, guys!  Let's have some more fun!
WAKKO- We'll get you out, Yakko.... if we survive!

Blinko is bolting across the lot with Wakko and Dot in tow, when he sees Hello Nurse walking past. At this, Blinko's eyes turn into slot machines and the two slots read, "Major Babe!" His legs turn into rocket engines, and he blasts to meet her. Ending up her arms, Blinko screams the famous line you know and love all Warners for...

DOT- Boys, go fig!

Blinko then restores his cool, and returns to normal.

BLINKO- Hi, I'm Blinko.

Kicking Blinko off, Hello Nurse grabs a net and charges toward him. Blinko then spin changes into Sonic and bolts behind her.

BLINKO (as Sonic)- On second thought, you're not my type, babe.
Blinko-Sonic runs around H.N. and sends her in a Taz-esque tornado, sending her pinballing into everything, causing pinball sound effects, and the things she bumps into to light up in different colors. Then she ends up in a trash can, her eyes reading "TILT!"

BLINKO (Back to normal)- I really don't like trashy women.
WAKKO- Great change and one-liner!  Can you do anything else?

Blinko then spins into a clown, not knowing about Wakko's phobia. Wakko's eyes bulge in fear, and his hat spins.


Wakko bolts back to the tower, locks it and puts on an army uniform.

DOT- How could you!  Wakko's scared of clowns
BLINKO- I'm sorry!  I didn't know!
DOT- THAT'S IT!  Time for you to meet my pet!

Dot pulls out the trademark box and opens it  Out comes a monster that looks like a mix between an Alien, Goro from Mortal Kombat, and a werewolf, who roars terrifyingly.

BLINKO- That's nothing!  Check mine out!

Blinko pulls a miniature version of Pandora's Box, with a skull as a lock. Dot looks a little frightened. Blinko opens the box and releases a creature so terrifying, so hideous, that if you were to look upon it, you would be petrified on the spot!


Dot gives out a blood-curdling scream and faints on the spot.

BLINKO- Whoa. Sorry.

This goes on for three whole days, with occasional zaniness, craziness and chaos, with the Warners on the wrong end of the joke every time. Eventually, you see Plotz laughing in the background, with Scratchansniff holding a screwball card. Soon, the Warners, on the fourth day start banging on Plotz' door.

PLOTZ (Cheerful)- Oh, who could that be? Come in!

The Warners barge into the office and hide behind Plotz.

PLOTZ- Why, Warners, what's wrong? Don't you like your new sibling?
YAKKO- Please save us!
WAKKO- He's too much!
DOT- He's almost enough to make us give up being zany!
PLOTZ (Smiling)- Then, his job is done!

The Warners look confused.

PLOTZ- You little brats are always wreaking havoc!  Ruining scripts, chasing the nurse, driving Dr. Scratchansniff to tears!  Well no more!  I created the sibling to show you miserable little things how it felt!  And if you even think of being zany, I can always let him stay with you longer!

The Warners shake!  To think, a sibling, created to scare them straight!

PLOTZ- And the best part, he obeys my every command!  The perfect toon!  He's my lapdog, and you're his chew toys!

Then, the Warners started shaking even more at an unknown force!

PLOTZ- That's right!  Cower!  COWER AT MY BRILLIANCE!
YAKKO- W-w-w-we're not c-c-cowering at you.
WAKKO- W-we're cowering at HIM!

Plotz turns and sees a very angry Blinko Warner. His teeth set in a ferocious snarl, his eyes blood red!

BLINKO- So, I'm a lapdog, huh? You sent me to the Warners to scare them?  I thought I was gonna have a family, but I was just a pawn!?  You're gonna pay for this, Plotz!
PLOTZ- Now, Sibling 4, I order you to stop!  Stop now!
BLINKO- My name is Blinko, and I'll make sure you don't forget it!

Blinko just keeps coming. Now, Plotz is scared.

PLOTZ- Please, stop?
BLINKO- I'm gonna do something so horrible, it'll make all the little incidents I had with my family seem like nothing!

Yakko is surprised at this!  Blinko was defending them!  Then, all you hear is Plotz screaming!  Blinko just did three days worth of pranks in the span of three minutes!

PLOTZ (Battered and bruised)- Blinko's gotta go.
WARNERS- What did ya have in mind?

Plotz thinks, and comes to a plan.

PLOTZ- I've got it!


Blinko is blindfolded and led by Yakko, Wakko and Dot to an unknown location.

BLINKO- Where are you guys taking me?
WAKKO- You'll see.

Then, they stop. Blinko removes the blindfold, seeing that they were leading him to a safe!

BLINKO- Hey, what the?

The door slams in his face, and locks. On the outside you see, ACME Anti Toon Trick Vault.

BLINKO- Guys, I'm sorry!  Please, let me out!  I didn't know!
WAKKO- See ya never, Blinko!
DOT- Have fun in Europe!
WAKKO- I hear they have good food at Eurodisney!

Blinko's eyes bulge in horror!  You hear the PSYCHO music.


Plotz shows up from a bush, happy as a clam.

PLOTZ- Thanks, Warners!  Now I can relax!
WAKKO- No more Blinko!
DOT- We're free at last!

Yakko just looks down.

DOT- What's wrong, Yakko?
WAKKO- Yeah, aren't you happy?
YAKKO- Yeah, but the guy was.... family.

Meanwhile in Eurodisney, Blinko's prison is inside the Matterhorn. For all time he must suffer through the cheesy European version of It's A Small World!

BLINKO- All I want is a family. Well Fine!  I know when I'm licked, when to throw in the towel!  I know when to quit!

Looks at the camera.

BLINKO- And this ain't one of those times. I'll be back!

Raises his eyebrows twice.

This is the origin of Blinko Warner!

Blinko (C) me
Animaniacs (C) WB
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MegaSpinosaur Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013   Writer
Wow. This was well done, I like this origin story about Blinko.

It makes me remember my own cartoon character that I had came up with years. She goes by the name of Penny Raccoon.

She's mischievous, wacky, and a total screwball, but she's also friendly and very playful. Penny enjoys playing tricks on her rivals, with her main rival being a experienced, but rather dim-witted hunting dog named Lester, whom she frequently outsmarts, along with other rivals she meets.

I was originally planning to do some stories about her, but I never came around to it.

But after reading yours and Shadowlore's stories, I've now been motivated to do so.
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good! Hope you don't have writers block... I've had that for a few years now....
EmmetEarwax Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I'd be surprized, very surprized, if this isn't the actual script of one of the Animaniacs films where they meet a FOURTH Warner sibling. The Wikipedia said that he was not canonical, as he only appeared once.
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, it's not.
johnnyking95 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009
hi do you now who prince olympius is?
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
johnnyking95 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
sorry cos i thought you like power rangers stuff like me
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do! I do!
johnnyking95 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
oh awesome what seires have you sen?
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MMPR, Zeo, Turbo (unfortunately.), In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, and Operation Overdrive. Unfortunately, I don't get Disney XD, So I can't see Jungle Fury or RPM.
johnnyking95 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
awesome! so in light speed rescue you now queen bansheeras son?
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH! OLYMPUS! The evolved Impus! NOW I remember!
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MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just read this and now I know how Blinko came to be. Nice job by the way. :thumbsup:
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BLINKO- Why thanks!
MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome.
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
Exllcent fic with your own character I quite liked him and it really is like an aniamcnies episode.
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BLINKO- Thanks!
AnimatedTigerGirl Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008
Nice job!:)
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AnimatedTigerGirl Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
No prob.
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are the BEST!!
Shadowlore Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
Very Nice! And you could do a follow up where he escapes and meets Bimbette. "spin changes into Jeff Dunham's ' peanut '" That be funny as hell! :D
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gonna! I just did! And after, I'll do a "Sirrus meets Blinko, Blinkos POV"!
Shadowlore Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
That oughta be good.
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! There will be new quotes, and every thing!
Shadowlore Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008
The-Rebel-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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