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WereBears - The Big Bug Hunt
WereBears Shorts - Gums
"The Big Bug Hunt"
(We open up on a nice flowery field, near a babbling brook, as we see birds flying, bumblebees buzzing, and we hear the winds whistling gently. We then hear the voice of the blue and pink WereBear, with a red and yellow night cap and red shorts, Gums!)
GUMS: Um.... hi... my name is Gums. I'm one of four special bears made by our father, the Baron Egon Baconburger, called WereBears. You see, a while ago, I was seperated from my brothers, while we went exploring. And then, just when I thought things couldn't get worse... they did! We were sicced upon by four vicious monsters called TerrorTeds! At least I think there were four... but... I don't wanna find out... anyway, this story takes place during a day when I found a nice little meadow... so, I decided to use a net I found to chase some insects....
(We then see Gums toddling about with a little drawing book, a jar and a net....)
GUMS: Good thing I found this net and drawing book.... all
:iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 2 0
My MST3K Backer Certificate! :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 1 2 ExcaliKnightmon by SoraWolf7 :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 8 0 Pendramon by SoraWolf7 :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 6 0 JoustKnightmon by SoraWolf7 :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 7 0 Squiremon by SoraWolf7 :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 7 43 Michael Luckfoot (Commission) By Depraved Defense :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 37 8 My New Wand! :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 0 0
WereBears - Fright at the Fair
WereBears Shorts - Fang
"Fright at the Fair"
(We open up to a village near Muncheon-Luncheon, known as Packen-Snacken. Here, a big town fair is going on, with rides, and music, food and fun! Then, we hear the voice of the red and yellow WereBear, with a schoolcap and shorts, Fang!)
FANG: Packen-Snacken, according to my books, is close by to Muncheon-Luncheon, so I'm betting I'm getting close to home! Oh, but my manners! I'm Fang, one of four special bears. You see, when our creator, Baron Egon Baconburger, made us on a full moon night, about 2 or so weeks ago, he turned into a werewolf, and when the full moon struck US, we were turned into WereBears! However, due to my bright idea of exploring the old Fir Forest outside Castle Casserole, I ended up seperated from my brothers.... and what's worse, the following night, I was chased by a monstrous bear called a TerrorTed! According to the ones I've seen chasing me, there are four in all. Anyway, I was being chased by the meanest one of
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WereBears - War on the Water
WereBears Short - Grizzler
"War on the Water"
(We open up at what looks like a dock at a small lake in a mountain valley.... and we hear the voice of Grizzler, the yellow WereBear with a green and white striped shirt...)
GRIZZLER: I bet you're wondering why the story opens up on this dock. Well, it's where I faced that mean TerrorTed, Chomp! Oh.... I'm getting ahead of myself! My name's Grizzler, I'm one of four special teddy bears, called WereBears! A while ago... I think like... maybe two weeks ago, we got lost in the Old Fir Forest, and what's worse, we're all seperated from each other! And then.... oh, we met those nasty TerrorTeds... every day, I had to hide... there seems to be four of them in total, because I've only seen four so far. Anyway, I found my way to a dock, hopefully losing those monsters...
(Then, we see Grizzler running out of the brushes near the dock...)
GRIZZLER: Phew... I think I'm safe.... hey... I must be VERY far from the castle now... I've never seen
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WereBears Voice Cast
WereBears Dream Voice Cast
The Good Guys-
Baron Egon Baconburger: David Tenant
Grizzler: Greg Cipes
Howler: Kath Soucie
Fang: Ben Diskin
Gums: Jess Harnell
Growler: Laura Bailey
The Bad Guys-
Witch Hazil: Tress MacNeille
Squint the Owl: Mark Hamill
Snapper: Charlie Adler
Chomp: Clancy Brown
Munch: Frank Welker
Grunt: Chris Sabat
:iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 1 0
WereBears character sheet
The WereBears:
A long time ago, in the far off land of Munchen-Lunchen, in Castle Casserole, the kindly toymaker, Baron Egon Baconburger, created four special teddy bears. Then, on the same night he finished these four bears, he found out a very odd secret about himself, and his family. There was a curse, that turned every Baron in the Baconburger name into a Werewolf! Luckily, Egon was a kindly werewolf. The curse also effected the teddy bears, and brought them to LIFE. And what's more, they also had the power to transform into WereBears, hybrids between Werewolf and teddy bear, with tremendous strength, great agility, and unique senses of honor. Later, a fifth WereBear was created, and given the power to transform at will, instead of at the full moon only.
Bios and Appearances:
Grizzler: Grizzler is often pessimistic, and VERY superstitious. But despite this, he is loyal and kind, and loves to work hard.... even though he will complain about it later. Grizzler has yel
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WereBears - Birth of the TerrorTeds
WereBears: Birth of the TerrorTeds
(We see a quaint Bavarian village, which has barely been touched by time, except for a few essentials, such as electricity and entertainment.)
NARRATOR: Welcome to the village of Muncheon-Luncheon. A village virtually untouched by time. And past the Old Fir Forest, atop the tallest hill....
(We then see, atop a tall hill, a beautiful, yet imposing castle that, with a little more wear and tear, would look fitting in a Universal Horror Movie.)
NARRATOR: Is Castle Casserole, the home of the kindly toymaker, Baron Egon Baconburger. Now, Egon has a secret that no one else knows about.
(We then see a kindly old man, with a brown leather vest, white shirt, a paunchy belly, a round little nose, shining blue eyes, grey hair around his ears, at the back of his head, and a large bald pate on the top of his head, brown pants and a pair of boots.)
NARRATOR: And he found out about this secret one full moon night. You see... many years ago, a curse
:iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 2 0
WereBears - The Beginning
WereBears: The Beginning
(We open up to a large atlas....)
NARRATOR: This world has many different tales in its continents... but none so strange, as the tale of a toymaker, and his very special bears... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me begin by telling you the setting.
(Then the atlas opens up, revealing the pages where Europe resides, to be more precise, Germany.)
NARRATOR: In Bavaria, Germany, there is a small village. In fact, it is so small, that if you were eating cookies, while reading a map of Germany...
(Then we hear a crunching sound, as cookie crumbs fall down....)
NARRATOR: You would cover it with a cookie crumb on the map.
(We then see a hand wipe the pages off... and we see a small dot on the map, as it turns into a small village, surrounded by fir trees, with quaint little houses, that seems untouched by time... except for some essentials, like electricity, entertainment, and all that.)
ANNOUNCER: This is the village of Muncheon-Luncheon. A
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Mature content
Mortal Kombat Krisis - Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse) :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 0 3
Mature content
Mortal Kombat Krisis - Ash Williams :iconthe-rebel-angel:The-Rebel-Angel 2 0

Random Favourites

Mature content
Doomguy Shoots Up Death Battle! (UPDATED) :icononeminutemeleeman:OneMinuteMeleeMan 33 13
Death Battle: Doomguy vs Duke Nukem Prelude
Ivan: The 90's badass, over-the-top, gun toting, cussing, gory, well you get the point. These two outdated badasses have been waiting to go at each other for a VERY long time, and now, they will meet.
Roy: Doomguy, the man who made Hell his bitch.
Xl: And Duke Nukem! The dude who had a failed reboot, I mean, the alien ass-kicker!
Roy: He's Ivan, and I'm Roy,-
Xl: And I'm Xl!
Roy: Keep in mind we are ONLY using classic arsenals for both, from the Doom and DOS Duke Nukem games!
Ivan: And it's our job to see who will win in this clash of the 90's! I mean Death Battle!


First Appearance: Doom (1994)
AKA: Flynn Taggart, John Grimm
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Space Marine
Conquered Hell 3 times in the original series
-As well as the congo in Ultimate Doom
Brought the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind to their knees
(Noncanon) Outskated Tony Hawk

Xl: In the not too distant
:iconvenomouscircusfreak:VenomousCircusFreak 13 48
Mature content
Death Battle: Doomguy vs Duke Nukem :iconvenomouscircusfreak:VenomousCircusFreak 29 55
Chesnaught Used Wood Hammer! :iconkaiserdragonian:KaiserDragonian 109 17 DOOM :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 511 103
Minerva Mink TG TF
There truly wasn't a better way to spend a day than to ride around off-road on ATVs in the deep woods. That was exactly what my three friends and I were up to on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Temperatures were in the 70s, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After a couple hours of trekking across the forest terrain, we all reconvened at a bare spot to take a break to eat.
As we all took off our helmets and other gear we had on, Max, one of my friends, didn't hesitate to express his excitement. "I'm telling you Seth, we need to do this more often!"
"True that. Hey Logan, toss us some food." I turned to face him.
He scoffed as he dug out our lunch from the bag. The four of us all brought sandwiches and some water, along with other snacks. As we began to eat, the fourth member of our group, Paul, spoke up.
"I heard of an open area where we can catch some high speed and sick drifts. I say we check it out." he mentioned.
"That sounds good to me." Logan responded.
"You guys can, but I think
:iconbraverunner:braverunner 62 9
Mature content
DOOM 2016 Wallpaper - The Ultimate DOOM style 02 :iconexecrutr:EXECRUTR 3 0
Mcc 2016-922 :iconmrjechgo:MrJechgo 4 1 DOOM 4 as it had to be! Prt 2 :iconjosecalfaro:JoseCAlfaro 3 0 DOOM(4) :iconundeadninja421:UndeadNinja421 3 0 Doom (2016) - Hell Yeah :iconkingbamus:Kingbamus 18 8 Doom (2016) Facebook Timeline :icondremoravalkynaz:DremoraValkynaz 26 3 DOOM - Until we meet again :iconazagth:Azagth 278 10 Doomguy's Epic Brofist :iconfirestriker:firestriker 300 32 Crappy New Teen Titans :icontyrranux:Tyrranux 104 24 Samus Revamped :iconaibryce:AIBryce 139 5


I agree with you on many points. First of all, that Krabs has become something of a .... how can I put this.... flanderized version of ...

Random from Crash Bandicoot

New Coco rulz :iconneon-bandicoot:Neon-BaNdIcOoT 81 39 Coco and Mojo :iconcrashlegend25:CrashLegend25 59 14 Crash BandiReboot 2 - Crunch Bandicoot :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 69 26 Crunch Bandicoot :iconmcp100:mcp100 75 36 Crunch Bandicoot :icondsa09:DSA09 432 156 Crunch Bandicoot Dumbbell Curl :icondsa09:DSA09 170 80 Crunch Bandicoot - CBR :iconpyrus-leonidas:Pyrus-Leonidas 13 4 Crunch Bandicoot Flexing :icondsa09:DSA09 206 76 Crunch working out :iconnr3:NR3 11 21 crunch :iconraikuluna:RAIKULUNA 33 36 crunch in colour :icontribalwolfie:tribalwolfie 27 8 crunch page colour :icontribalwolfie:tribalwolfie 19 3 -Crunch quick doodle- :iconretrocharo:RetroCharo 90 38 crunch bandicoot, front back :icondsa09:DSA09 38 16 Crunch Bandicoot :iconriadorana:Riadorana 12 5 MoM Crunch :iconraikuluna:RAIKULUNA 72 82
Some of my favorite pics of Crash and Friends!



And now for something completely different.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2017, 6:43 PM
  • Watching: Nothing so far.


And now for something completely different.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2017, 6:43 PM
  • Watching: Nothing so far.


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Who do you think would win in a battle? 

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